Rebranding an icon

Identity design, packaging and design brand strategy for Swarovski.

The Swarovski box
As part of the rebrand, we refreshed the iconic blue box, giving it less corporate purple hue,
and created a strong brand language through the use of it and the silver ribbon across all advertising.

A multifaceted company

With seven businesses within Swarovski, I created a comprehensive brand narrative around each one, creating unique voices and visual languages that worked together seamlessly.

A new art direction

With super model Miranda Kerr at the forefront of the brand, I developed a more accessable, cooler look for her, that captured Swarovski’s new vision. 

Celebrating 120 years
As part of their celebration I created visual assets of Swarovski pieces form every decade since the companies foundation. Photographed by the incredible Robin Broadbent we aligned each of the historic pieces with a background that expressed their inspiration.