Making something big

In 2013 Chobani approached me to help them transform their brand, provide creative direction across the business and build an internal creative group covering design, art direction, production and copy writing.

Chobani was one of the fastest growing companies in American history, exceeding $1 Billion dollars in sales in a mere 5 years.

Within the first 5 months, I had developed a new brand guidelines, worked with senior leadership to identify the brand’s personality and values, and relaunched the packaging to reflect the brands focus on simplicity and to build the brand internationally.

On arrival, Chobani was using many different agencies as well as remote freelancers, this meant that the creative output was inconsistent and of varying quality. Internalising the development of all design enabled consistency and clarity across all touch-points as well as a cost savings to the business.

Going through this phase has allowed Chobani to become market leader and set it up to revolutionise its brand today.

Preparing for the future

Chobani had achieved great success through the packaging that existed on shelf. In discussions with the founder Hamdi Ulukaya, I proposed a streamlining of the packaging to transfer the iconic equity from the graphic applications on pack to the identity.

This would serve to enhance the decision making process for consumers—who at the time were learning what real Greek yoghurt was—as well as build recognition around the brand for future growth and evolution.